Charles Hecht
  • glass sculpture blue disc
Charles Hecht Artworks
Heavenly Music & Floating Discs, 2020
Heavenly Music & Floating Discs, 2019
Discs & Clouds, 2017
Modern Family, 2015
Artwork, 2013
Artwork, 2012
The Bunny 808 Series
The Creation Series 2011
Spermoids Series 8
Shattered Dream Series 2011
Alternative Views
Glass Casting Series
American and Chinese Flag Series

Artist Exhibitions
Chinese & American Exchange - 03/2016
Zhongshan: Art of the Future - 12/2015
Changsha: 1 - 09/2014 | 2 - 10/2014
Ningbo City - 2014
By Charles Hecht
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Artist Statement
A sculpture should draw the viewer in. Where possible, a sculpture should be appreciable from all angles. Art can delight, but it can also instruct and even enlighten. That is my hope.
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Patrons & Contact Information
The artwork of Charles Hecht is in private and corporate collections throughout the world. See list of some of our patrons.

To purchase or commission an item, please email Charles Hecht.
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