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A sculpture should draw in the viewer. The viewer should participate in each of my works, whether it is by seeing, touching, caring or contributing his or her feelings. The important thing is to become involved. In "Meng Po Le," at the Moon River Museum, the viewer is asked to directly participate in the experience by filling in the empty space with his/her own shattered dream.

I often use materials that are being thrown away, e.g., steel plugs, I-bar segments and other steel remnants discarded by fabricators, broken glass, steel fragments in the metal shop discard bin, bleached coral rock and industrial screening scraps to transform these materials into a meaningful work of art. To make something beautiful or thought provoking out of someone else's unwanted materials is a great feeling. This is also a great way to recycle and help to preserve our fragile environment.

New techniques to obtain the desired visual and textural results are created to obtain the look and feel of the reef base for my Coral Kelp Series, I initially create the general shape in steel. Then a cutting torch is used as a paint brush to melt and manipulate the steel form to create this unique texture and the feeling of the cooled volcanic eruption when it is combined with the fast growing kelp. Bronze brazing normally used for welding is used to give the sculpture more color, contrast and movement.

Some sculpture series are intended to be seen under various illuminations, since the visualization of reef life changes dramatically from day to night. That concept is incorporated in the Coral Kelp, Pinnacle and The Creation Series. I turn off the main lights and then put on jazz or classical music and look at the shadows of the sculpture on the ceiling.

My most recent works involve the creation of unique glass forms showing movement. Initially, a steel mold is created to use as a guide. Then our team at a glass workshop in Boshan, China gathers the molten glass, utilizing varying patterns and colors of frits. Our team next drags and shapes the molten glass over the steel mold to obtain the desired shape and movement. Often a sub-sculpture of steel mesh or other material with steel hooks mounted on a wood base to hang these glass sculptures is created. This is the new Creation Series.

I have studios in Brooklyn and Beijing. This offers the opportunity to participate in and take advantage of two remarkable cultures. In creating my new glass series, the basic steel forms for dragging and shaping the molten glass are designed and fabricated in Brooklyn. The glass sculpture is formed in Boshan then finished at my Beijing studio. The steel and acrylic on wood and bronze on steel sub-sculptures are also created in both studios.

China is a fabulous place to do creative work. I was invited to Beijing in 2003 as a sculptor in residence by the Pickled Arts Institute. The access to materials, technical facilities and skilled labor was and is amazing. The positive attitude of the workers and artistic community in China is also amazing. When I was not able to get the facilities and people to execute a new idea for a series of glass sculptures in the United States, a Chinese friend introduced me to a facility in Shandong Province that was willing to try this new process in 2008. We have now worked and learned together for the last five years and are still refining this process. It has been a terrific experience for everyone involved.

When I am at my studio in the 318 Art Village in Beijing, it is always open to visitors. All you need to do is email or call me at my Beijing number, 136-9317-3637, to make arrangements.

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I am pleased with my two new installation concepts “A People’s History of the United States” and “A People’s Geography of the United States”. The fiberglass and glass forms are being made in China. The installation backing and assembly will be done in the United States.

Currently, I am considering new techniques and materials. I appreciate your interest in my work, and hope you return to these pages to see my newest works. If you wish to purchase or commission a piece, please let me know.


Nanjing Jeimo Ink Gallery - Nanjing, PRC - Jun e- July 2013 - "West Meets East - East Meet West" - large two person show including: large steel and bronze sculptures, a number of installations with glass on steel and bronze, glass on wire mesh and wood installations (14), two glass sculptures on sand installations, two installations of glass Tuzi Feiji 808s (Bunny Airliner 808s) on wood, 8 woodcuts and 14 shattered glass on acrylic and wood from "Jing Bao Zha" series.

Art New York - Fountain Show - March 8 - March 10, 2013 at Park Avenue and 25th Street Armory - glass on bronze and steel installation, woodcuts, glass over steel and glass on acrylic board from "Jing Bao Zha" series.

Art Miami - Fountain Show - December 2012 - glass sculptures and glass over steel mesh on wood installation, and shattered glass on acrylic painted board from "Jing Bao Zha" series and a glass over steel sculpture.

Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, New York - September 15, 2012 - October 30, 2012, group show including glass on steel and bronze installations and glass over steel sculptures.

Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, New York - one-person show May 23 - June 15, 2012 - glass sculptures, glass on steel mesh installation, and shattered glass on acrylic painted wood mixed media from "Jing Bao Zha" series, bronze animals, steel over glass, free standing steel and bronze sculptures and woodcuts from "The Reef Series."

Zibo Museum, Zibo, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China - April - May 2012 - one of three foreign artists in the 2012 Zibo International Art Exposition glass sculpture on steel mesh, wood installations from The Creation Series and a bronze sculpture, "Long and Slender" (small version).


2012 China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) Beijing, China - as part of Coral Contemporary - April 12-15, 2012 - 2 glass sculptures on steel mesh on wood installations

Sculptors Alliance - 30th Anniversary Show "Then and Now" - New York Public Library Gallery - April 3, 2010 - April 29, 2010 - glass and steel sculptures

New York - BJ Restaurant - October 2009 - March 2011 - glass sculptures and wood cuts

Moon River Museum - 2009 to present - glass sculptures and participatory glass installation

"Derivative Works of 100 Artists"
- 798 Art District, Beijing, China - October 2009

Charles Hecht's Glass Installation "3 Crocodile Fish," as part of a three person group show - May 1 - May 15, 2009 at Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, New York

Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China - May 2009 - glass animals and metal sculptures

Charles Hecht's Glass Installation, September 26 - November 30, 2008 - the Sunshine International Contemporary Art Museum, known in China as the Sheng Sheng, Beijing, China

Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China - Charles Hecht's Sculptures, July 2008.

Salon Show October 2007 - 275 Madison Avenue - various works

May - June, 2007 - U-P ARTS SPACE, group exhibition, Beijing, China - various works

May, 2007 - Group exhibition at Southampton Elks Lodge Fairgrounds, LI, NY - steel sculptures and woodcuts

December 5 - 30, 2006 - "Creatures From The Deep", solo exhibition at Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway, NYC - steel, bronze and steel on glass sculptures

September 15 - 30, 2006 - Solo exhibition at Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway, NYC

August 2006 - Kelp Coral Series, Beijing Gallery, 798 District - Beijing, China.

May 14 to June 6, 2006 - "Sculptures," Netherlands Must Be Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

September 2005 - "Organically Speaking", curated by Charles Hecht, Broadway Gallery, NYC - artist's works along with the works of Harry Gordon, Michele Greene and Richard Polo

March 2005 - "Sculptures" by Charles Hecht, Broadway Gallery, NYC

February 2005 - "AMERICAN & CHINESE Flag Sculptures" Pickled Arts Center, Beijing, China - large steel sculptures

2004 - "AMERICA" Charles Hecht 2004-2005, Color Elefante Gallery, Valencia, Spain

2004 - "AMERICA" Charles Hecht 2004-2005, Berliner KunstProjekt, Berlin, Germany


2003- Fine Arts Gallery of Bronxville - various works

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